Baby Boomers Retire to Playa del Carmen in Droves

Baby Boomers retire in Playa del CarmenOne of the biggest trends we have seen in the past decade is the huge number of Americans retiring to Mexico – there are well over a million Americans who call Mexico their home, with that number increasing steadily every year.  Although there are people coming here from every demographic, many of those are retirement age.

The reasons behind this massive migration are varied, but most people we talk to that have retired here in Playa del Carmen mention two main reasons…


Reason # 1 to retire to Playa del Carmen…   Lower cost of living

This is a no brainer.  With living expenses in the United States rising, Mexico offers a much more economical and enjoyable solution to the option of trying to scrape by on Social Security in the States.  With the amazing “ObamaCare” causing a surge in insurance premiums and higher deductibles, just the basics are far more than can be covered even by the maximum Social Security checks.  Add into that higher co-pays on prescription drugs, rising food costs and high levels of uncertainty about the stock market being at an all time high for no apparent reason, there are a myriad of reasons to leave…

And with the exact same Social Security check, Mexico offers a much higher standard of living.  Especially with the current exchange rate, a retired couple can live richly in Mexico.  The quality of life offered for the same amount of money is much, much higher than could be afforded in the US.


Reason #2 to retire to Playa del Carmen…   the weather!

With the northern United States and nearly all of Canada experiencing brutal winters and heavy snowfall, it’s just simply better to be where it’s 80 degrees year round.  No shoveling snow, no slipping on ice and breaking bones and no freezing climate makes for a much easier and pleasant way of life.  It’s simple – shorts and sandals are much more easy and convenient than snow boots and heavy winter jackets.

320 days of sunshine in Playa every year make for a very enjoyable winter experience….   If you choose to retire to Playa del Carmen, we know for a fact that the weather will be one of the most enjoyable parts of your experience…..





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