Best Venezuelan food in Playa del Carmen – Kaxapa Factory

Venezuelan food at Kaxapa FactoryOk…   one of the best things about living in or visiting Playa del Carmen is the shear variety of quality food that is available to you.  Especially if you get off the beaten path and start checking out places that aren’t in the middle of 5th Av.  This is not to say that there aren’t good restaurants on 5th Av, I’m just saying that the true culinary finds in Playa del Carmen are definitely the local places.


Kaxapa Factory…   Mom and Pop Venezuelan food done right

Kaxapa Factory - Playa del Carmen MexicoIn all honesty, I can’t remember having had Venezuelan food prior to coming to Playa del Carmen.  But since a friend turned me on to the Kaxapa Factory, I’ve made it a point to try it out wherever I am.  I’ve since had Venezuelan food in NYC, South Florida, Minnesota and Vegas – plus a couple other places here in Playa.  Overall, the Kaxapa Factory is definitely the best I’ve had.

Truthfully, it’s a combination of factors that make this restaurant stand out among all other Venezuelan eateries…  First of all, the food is amazing, but that would be a necessity to make the top of the list, so I’m not going to focus on the food quality so much in this particular article.  Let’s just say that it’s fresh, and done right with a distinctive sort of homemade quality about it that puts it a couple other notches above other places I’ve tried.


What makes this place special…

Kaxapa Factory - Jose Ramon and Steve DidierThat’s an easy question to answer…   simply put?  The owner and his hands on approach to everything.  Jose-Ramon is a gregarious and personable Venezuelan gentleman who personally serves and waits on all the tables in the restaurant.  He greets everyone who comes in with a contagious and genuine smile and an unmistakable warmth that puts everybody instantly at ease.  From the minute you walk in, you feel like this guy is your best friend and has known you forever…

That kind of personal and truly friendly service is hard to find at any restaurant these days and it’s a big part of what makes this place so special.

Another little detail that I love about the service is that they give you samples of 4 different drinks that are native to Venezuela and explain each one to you while you sample them.  Ranging from Venezuelan ice tea to passion fruit, each is a unique and flavorful experience…  matching one to your meal is mandatory, don’t waste this opportunity and get a Coke or some crap like that!!

Drink samples at the Kaxapa FactoryThe food is amazing as well.  I’ve tried everything and have a big problem recommending one thing…   it all depends on what your personal tastes are.  if you’re having a lot of trouble deciding (and you like meat) then you can’t go wrong with the Kaxapa Machada…   it was a staple of mine there for a while but like I said, I’ve tried everything on the menu at one time or another and every single thing is flat out delicious.

So take your pick – you won’t be disappointed…   pinky promise!

The Kaxapa Factory is one of the many great foodie places in Playa del Carmen but one you absolutely have to get to while you’re here.  Say hi to Jose Ramon and enjoy some truly spectacular and authentic Venezuelan cuisine just off of 5th Av.



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