Cryptocurrencies will be accepted to buy properties in the Riviera Maya

Cryptocurrencies have become a link of great weight in front of the transactions of the future, which has reached a growth of up to 500% against the dollar, where Real Estate is not except, especially in Mexico, where the use of bitcoin for investment in housing projects is advancing.

The objective is to reduce the participation of commissions and intermediaries in the sector’s traditional forms of payment, in addition to addressing some of the main problems of the various markets, such as inflation, the exchange method, and people who are not served by traditional banking.

The bitcoin blockchain network makes it possible to prevent fraud through private and decentralized identification certificates; by means of the digital register enabled by blockchain technology, it is possible to confirm the existence of funds.

This is to give certainty to those involved in the transaction that the funds will be used for transfers, deposits, and mortgage payments. Bitcoin also offers great transparency to the transaction process from start to finish, according to specialists.

Cryptocurrencies will be used to pay Real Estate

This is how the collaboration between La Haus and Red Lightning came about, using the OpenNode bitcoin processor; the Mexican proptech said it will be “a pioneer in allowing this payment process in Mexico, paving the way for the cryptocurrency to be gradually integrated into the Latin American market”.

He added that the relevance of this initiative is largely due to the fact that this currency has seen growth in value of close to 500% annually compared to the U.S. dollar. This currency has a special adoption in Latin America due to its benefits in terms of convenience.

La Haus will launch this initiative to invest in the Kahaal condominium, a new real estate development located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The expectation is to expand this alternative to all the properties in its catalog of more than 80,000.

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