Dental and Medical Tourism in Playa del Carmen

There are many reasons to visit us here in beautiful Playa del Carmen.  The beaches, the shopping, the restaurants, the adventure, the weather, the dentists….  wait.  What??  The dentists?

That’s right.  You may not initially associate Playa del Carmen with dental care or healthcare, but medical tourism is on a very sharp up rise right now.  And what better place to recuperate than on the beaches of the Caribbean??

Dental tourism MexicoMany, many Americans are electing to come down here to Mexico and get dental work and other medical procedures done, simply because the costs in the United States are absolutely ridiculous.  Plus, with “Obamacare” limiting your choices on which provider you can actually see, many Americans are finding care providers south of the border that they can rely on to do amazing work for a fraction of the price that they would pay in the States – even with the government mandated insurance programs (and the sky high premiums associated with them) and ridiculously high co-pays.

You can get a root canal done here for half of what you might expect your co-pay to be in the United States.  If you are planning a vacation anyway, that pretty much pays for your plane ticket.  If you are looking at something more extensive or cosmetic, where insurance pays ZERO, than your entire vacation is paid for – and then some – just by the money you save.

What about quality?  As is the case in the US or Canada, the quality of work can vary from dentist to dentist or doctor to doctor.  Do your research and make sure you find a recommended professional that you can communicate with.  Many of the healthcare providers here are used to dealing with tourists and speak fluent English so you can feel comfortable that they understand your needs concerns.




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