DreamWorks is Investing $840 Million in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Love the warm turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, snorkeling and….Dream Works announced a couple of years ago they were looking at Mexico as a possible new home for one of their parks, but there has not been much news about it until June of last year when the Riviera Maya was named as the chosen destination for the new DreamWorks theme park and for the major real estate investment a project of this magnitude demands.

There’s no doubt that the Riviera Maya is a fun-filled travel destination for the whole family. Recreational activities to keep the family busy include snorkelling with turtles, exploring cenotes, scuba diving, paddle-boarding….the list goes on.

The Riviera-Maya News reported yesterday that permits for the park are currently in the application process to push the HUGE project forward.  It will include three hotels, a shopping plaza, a Museum of Anthropology and TWO them parks – a Dreampark and the Amiko Thrillpark, which will occupy more than 1.1 million square meters as revealed in approved applications for a change of land use.

Projects such as DreamWorks Riviera Maya are exactly what fuel real estate investment in the area. The Riviera Maya continues to stay current and exciting as both an investment and lifestyle option by offering top of the range facilities, attractions and, of course, indescribable natural beauty.

“The park is expected to be built on 7.5 hectares of land in the Punta Maroma area, with construction beginning next year,” wrote TravelPulse. “The amusement park is expected to feature rides, theaters, restaurants and retail shops.”

4.5 million visitors each year upon completion. According to reports, the project is projected to cost around $800M USD, including a massive real estate investment.



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