Enjoying the Beautiful Weather in Playa del Carmen

I’m sitting here in my office, staring out the window marveling at the incredible weather in Playa del Carmen, I am struck once again that I indeed do live in the Caribbean.  It’s fun to say, actually….    “I live in the Caribbean.”

Kinda rolls off your tongue.


Weather in Playa del Carmen

Perhaps you have lived your whole life dealing with cold winters and rainy summers.  Perhaps you grew up as I did in Minnesota, dealing with snow and ice every winter, shoveling snow, plugging in your car over night or getting “snow days” off from school…   Maybe you’re ready for something different? 

Weather in Playa del CarmenMaybe, like me, you’ve always dreamed of living in a tropical paradise that allows you to enjoy beautiful weather all year. If you have, considering buying a retirement place or a second home in Playa del Carmen might the right choice for you. That’s because this little slice of heaven located in the Riviera Maya has more than 320 days of sunshine every year.  And that’s just the beginning…

From April to September, the weather in Playa del Carmen stays around 80 – 84 degrees during the day and drops to a comfortable 60-65 degrees at night. Of course in the hottest of the summer months, the temperature can reach up into the 90s, but you can still enjoy a comfortable life with the blue Caribbean waves to refresh you whenever you start to feel a little hot. During the months of October to April, the climate is generally dry and slightly warm  (considered one of the best times to Visit Playa del Carmen).

beach weather Playa del CarmenYou can expect temperatures to stay around 77 – 80 degrees even during December and January when it probably freezes wherever you are from. Just imagine being able to leave your house or condo and walk around in shorts and flip flops all year round!

As far as rain, the precipitation is quite low.  Like I mentioned, most of the year is sunny. The average rainfall in the wettest months of September and October is only 8 inches. That is relatively low compared to most parts of the United States. You can always plan on a trip to the beach or to the market without having to worry about carrying along an umbrella. Of course, if you like the rain, then don’t worry. There will be a few days during the summer when you can enjoy the soft sounds of an afternoon shower on the roof.

Generally speaking, you can count on the weather being rain free and perfect from Thanksgiving to Easter…   This year has been a little bit of an anomaly, with rain showers lasting to mid January. But a little afternoon rain every once in a while didn’t dampen my spirits at all…  🙂

perfect evening weatherIf weather is a significant factor for you in considering the best place for you to retire or live, the beautiful weather in Playa del Carmen might make this beautiful little Caribbean town the perfect option for you.  Not only will you find a low cost of living, a unique and cosmopolitan town and many wonderful amenities, but also you will be able to enjoy weather that will make you feel as if you truly live in paradise.

Don’t believe me? Lol..  check Playa del Carmen weather here.

We at American Realty have all come to Playa del Carmen from somewhere else and made this place in paradise our home.  We know what you’re feeling when you visit because we have felt the same thing.  We can guide you through the process because we have gone through it ourselves and we are passionate about helping others achieve the same thing that we have been able to do – move abroad and live in a place we truly love and make a home in Playa del Carmen.  🙂




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