Playa del Carmen and COVID-19: What safety measures are being taken?

If you are thinking of coming to Playa del Carmen, you might be wondering if it would be safe for you. Is Playa del Carmen having the COVID-19 pandemic under control?

It is worth saying that right now the State of Quintana Roo (where Playa is) occupies the 19th place in COVID-19 positive cases (out of 33). The region has just about 10% of the number of cases of the capital, Ciudad de México.

Besides that, if you are coming for tourism, take a look at this article in All About Playa. They address how they are taking care of the situation in Hotels and Resorts.

Just some of the safety measures

Information for prevention

The Governments of all levels have launched campaigns for the population regarding measures of hygiene and prevention. Mexico’s most famous campaign is the creation of Susana Distancia, a super hero whose power stems from keeping a safe distance and battling against COVID-19.

Her name comes from the wordplay of Su Sana Distancia (‘her healthy distance’), and it has proven to be a genius effort to raise awareness among the population.

Color-coded regions

Since the end of the Official Lockdown in late May, Mexico has been reopening its economy. The reactivation has followed three principles: graduality, responsibility and order.

That is why they have created a color-coded map of Mexico, where every week each region gets assigned a color. The colors avaliable are red, orange, yellow and green. For each color, there is a list of what business can open normally, which can open to the 30-50% of its capacity, and which cannot open yet. You can find an example picture at the end of this article.

As a result, Mexico is experiencing a considerably flat curve of new cases of coronavirus. This is a vital so that the Health Services can cover everyone without getting saturated.

Curva de casos - Playa del Carmen y COVID-19
The curve on August 25th 2020: positive cases, suspicious cases, negative tests and deaths.

Online education

Authorities are keeping children and teenagers safe from contracting COVID-19. They are also keeping them from spreading the virus to the rest of the population. To do so, the Mexican Government has established a Distance Learning program through TV and other channels, all across the country and for all levels.

Not only do this measures promise to be more effective than improvised Zoom classes, like last Spring in many countries. The measures also greatly reduce the risk of circulation for the virus. Yay!

Physical and mental health services

First, healthcare is free and accessible for all residents of Mexico. Second, Playa del Carmen has separated the clinics and hospitals. One group will will be taking care of COVID-19 patients; other will look after regular patients.

Apart from that, the Government of the State set 190 extra beds for COVID-19 patients, This will help ensure everyone can be looked after.

Regarding mental health, the State of Quintana Roo has 200 psychologists available online 24/7 for the population.

Below there is a sample of the Weekly update on Playa del Carmen and COVID-19’s color-coding.

Semaforo naranja - Playa del Carmen y COVID-19



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