How Universal Free Health Care in Mexico has Transformed Lives

When people see happy old men and women is when they learn about the importance of health care. Many people in Mexico, especially in the Caribbean (Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen) are now enjoying services that come with this health care provision. Many people are also admiring services that are now enjoyed by these individuals. This can be seen from the way people comment and tell their government to come up with a policy that will enable them to enjoy free universal health care (“Popular Insurance”) similar to that enjoyed by people in this region.

Today, Mexicans, Riviera Mayas and playa del Carmen are able to take their children to school  and lead a better life since they are not spending huge amounts of money in paying for health care. They are also able to set up businesses and live comfortably courtesy of “Popular Insurance”. A Mexican hotel worker or even a field worker is now able to access high quality services of a dentist or doctor than many middle class workers in different parts of the world. Even those with a private health insurance in other parts of the world may not have access to better health care than individuals living in this region.

With this Popular Insurance program, many Mexicans have many opportunities of establishing better relationships with social workers, cardiologists, dentists and other health practitioners. This is because they are able to contact go for checkups whenever they experience unusual health conditions. Free universal health care has also facilitated establishment of personalized services in this region. This has made it possible for Mexican patients to exercise their independence at the levels that they desire. In addition, universal health care has made diversification of services offered to patients possible. This way, patients are now getting better services that suit their individual needs.

These services and other more in the area have improved the quality of life of the people. This makes this area one of the most attractive places to live.



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