HSBC names Mexico top country for investment in Latin America


A study recently completed by HSBC, on the three largest economies in Latin America; Mexico, Brazil, Argentina has declared Mexico as its investment local of choice.

The study which was called “Three friends on a common Road: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina” major problems were cited in the latter two. Government intervention in Brazil seems to be slowing their commodity driven economy. In the external debt in Argentina has long been a problem, as well as government crackdowns on economic activity.

What is long been known by insiders in Latin America is Mexico, the only Latin American country that is a member of NAFTA, has for over 15 years been the shining example of free-market economic activity in the region. Combining this with a new Government that has been clear about policies of reform; and HSBC has concluded that Mexico is the safest bet for investors in the region.

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