Lemon, salt, mexican beer & amazing beaches in Playa

One in Playa del Carmen’s faPLAYA DEL CARMEN REAL ESTATE riviera mayavorite drinks, the Michelada makes sense in all ways. If you think of the ingredients, you can taste Mexico’s flavor.

A fresh and clear Mexican lager is always a must in this classic beverage. Mix it up with some lime juice and rough sea salt and you’ve got a wonder. With the first sip, you’ll feel its refreshing, sparkling synergy in your mouth.


Clearly, no one knows the exact origin of this emblematic drink, but people think it comes from the north of the country. And even the name is uncertain, there are references to chilled beer and “mi chela helada” (my cold beer) and even a mention of Michel Esper to be the creator.

The truth, is no one cares where it comes the name, the flavor and freshness of this traditional beverage is the important issue.

It is well known that after a long day of amazing beaches in Playa del Carmen and its fantastic weather, theres nothing better than a Michelada. So give it a try.

The lime juice drives the alcohol in the beer almost out of perception, and will pick you up in no time to get going with your daytime vacationing activities.

Micheladas have evolved from their three main ingredients — beer, lime juice and salt — to all kinds of flavors, versions and names.  Ice is another concern. Some like it in their micheladas and others just don’t care for it.

Here a Michelada recipe called “Chirimico”

First prepare a little of “Chririmico”  (this makes more than you need for a single michelada)

1 ml Tabasco sauce
3 ml Jugo Maggi (unsalted soy sauce)
9 ml worcestershire sauce

Next prepare Michelada

¼ oz chirimico
¾ oz lime juice
Salt and Tajin (powdered piquin chile) to taste
Ice if desired
A Mexican lager beer

Rub a cut lime on the rim of the glass, then dip it in a mixture of salt and chili powder. Add ice, if desired, then the chirimico. Slowly pour in the beer.




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