Mexico: Investment Paradise

The world has changed a lot during the last years and while some countries in Latin America have failed to meet economic expectations Mexico is clearly the exception. It’s easy to get distracted by the bad news but we got to remember that Mexico is a big country full with peaceful habitants. Mexicans also love to know people from other countries and give them a warm welcome. It’s an open invitation to share our cultural differences and similarities with always the best intentions.
Businesswise, Mexico is making companies interested in new possibilities because this place has so much to offer.

Geographic location

Mexico is the southern neighbor of the most powerful country, this a great advantage because commercial transactions can happen in real time. Mexico has plenty of natural resources like minerals, oil, agro-products. The weather and land offer so many opportunities for international investors. Mexico has access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, this is a dream for logistic companies.

Low cost labor

Unlike popular opinion, Mexicans are hard working people eager to wake up every morning and bring bread to the table every evening. It’s a young country with accessible education so it’s common to find well trained personnel. The labor culture is very friendly and fast learning, entrepreneurs love Mexican employees, from the top 500 foreign companies most of them are located in Mexico.

International Partnerships

Mexico is currently the country with most international agreements, there are so many benefits for business owners to facilitate transactions between countries. Some of the most important are with North America, Asia, South America, Europe and the future TPP agreement.

Steady Economic Growth

Mexico has shown a steady growth for the past years despite the bad reputation. This country is on track to become one of the most powerful allies for business people, direct investments are also welcome in this country and there is enough technologic infrastructure erasing barriers for communication.

Numbers Don’t lie

Mexico is the eight best place to invest right now. Last year almost 500 billion dollars were reported to be invested. The automobile, oil and mining industries have been the strongest areas for international investors. Real State represents a good investment as well since some cities like Playa del Carmen have been growing very fast over the last years.



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