United States and Canada Confirm Playa Del Carmen as a Safe Place

Mexico is a big country, alright? Depending on the area you will find different ecosystems, traditions and attractions. Here in Playa Del Carmen we are located in the most successful area for tourism. Recently, the Travel Alert for Mexico was updated and stated that Riviera Maya is a safe place overall.

This update also supports the United Nations statements regarding this part of the world as an excellent option for investment currently the ninth best place to invest. Tourist can be confident that they are travelling to a safe place with a lot of attractions and a first world feel.

News sites often exaggerate the true situation in this country and even though there are dangerous parts in Mexico, the southern states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo are far away from the violent areas.

Cancun and Playa Del Carmen have occupied the first place for 4 straight years breaking records for tourism.

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