Nightclubs and nightlife in Playa del Carmen – Best 6 Nightclubs in Playa del Carmen

So…   you’re Playa del Carmen and you’re looking for a party.  Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friends….

12th Street nightlife in Playa del Carmen
12th Street craziness

The nightlife scene in Playa is wild, sophisticated, crazy, trendy, Caribbean style, modern with a Latin flair, raucous and in your face…   12th Street starting with Coco Bongo on 10th Av and all the way down to Blue Parrot on the beach is party central for Playa and the clubs that line 12th Street are raging until dawn, 7 days a week.


The top 5 nightclubs in Playa del Carmen

In no particular order and with some of my personal preferences thrown in for good measure.  Because I can.

1.  Mandala Nightclub

 nightclubs Playa del CarmenProbably my overall favorite club here in Playa.  Great vibe, good table/bottle service for a reasonable cost and definitely a little more sophisticated crowd.   good layout with the dance floor open to the outside so there is a good breeze and airflow preventing it from getting too hot.

One of the best places to mingle, dance, get your drink on and meet some beautiful people….


2. Abolengo

Abolengo in Playa del CarmenAbolengo in Playa del Carmen is relatively new as of this writing and I really enjoy it.  I would definitely consider it more of a lounge than a nightclub and it has a great energy, with an attentive staff and seating throughout.  The specialty drinks here are really good so check out the menu and choose your poison wisely……   😉

A great place to have a few drinks before heading out and getting completely crazy.


3. Palazzo Nightclub

Palazzo nightclub Playa del CarmenPalazzo nightclub is a club that aspires to be a Vegas style club.  Obviously, since I’m from Vegas, it falls short of the mega clubs there…   but for Playa, it provides something a little different and that’s a good thing.  It still has a bit of that Vegas style to it, combined with the Latin feel so it’s a good place to get a bottle and throw down some cocktails.

Along with Mandala, it’s one of the most popular spots in Playa – one of the places to see and be seen so expect a more upscale type of crowd from these two.


4. La Santanera 

la santanera nightclub in  playa del carmenLa Santanera is a very chill, multi level club off 12th Street, on the corner of 10th Street and 5th Av.  This is a EDM club featuring local and international DJs playing a variety of deep house, trance and electronic dance or all varieties.  Much more relaxed atmosphere than some of the other big clubs here in Playa and different vibes in the different areas of the club…

The upstairs is very loungy and open to the outside so you get good airflow and a view of Playa while listening to the DJ crank out some good energy….


5. Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo Playa del CarmenNo Playa del Carmen club review would be complete without Coco Bongo…   this iconic Playa mainstay is a huge favorite among tourists for good reason.  The spectacular variety show features performers impersonating pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Beatles and many, many more…  plus acrobats, little people and a good dose of humor throughout.

Not a nightclub in the traditional sense, it’s more of a club show.  One piece of advice…  spend the extra money and get the open bar tickets.  It is well worth the cost and free drinks all night is great way to get loosened up and enjoy the show.


6. Blue Parrot

Best nightclubs in Playa del CarmenThis old school Playa del Carmen mainstay was recently renovated and given a complete face lift.  One of the only clubs in town that is actually on the beach, this club gives you a true Playa vibe…   watching the moon over the Caribbean while drinking and dancing with friends is always a great way to spend a night in Playa.

Personally, I love the sea so it really makes this a cool place for me to hang out.  It’s been popular here for many, many years and people keep coming back so there is something special here….




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