Retire in Playa del Carmen

Really…  Retire in Playa del Carmen?


When you get ready to retire, where do you want to live?

You could choose to stay in your current home. You may even decide to move somewhere warm and sunny in the United States like Florida or Arizona.


The Mexican Caribbean

Retirement in Playa del CarmenWhat if we told you there was a better option? In fact, there is when you start looking at real estate in Playa del Carmen. Even though the cost of living in the Riviera Maya is a bit higher than some other areas of Mexico, it is still far more affordable than in the United States or Canada.

You will be able to enjoy a low cost of living and extremely affordable homes for sale in Playa del Carmen. In other words, for the same price in the United States, you will be able to get a bigger, more comfortable, safer, and amenity filled home in Playa del Carmen. More than that, you will be situated right next to the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean.

How could you possibly ask for more?


Playa del Carmen

That’s not the only thing that makes Playa del Carmen (or Playa, as the locals refer to it…) a good place to live. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider this as your retirement destination:

  • There are three top hospitals nearby. You never have to worry about good healthcare.
  • The tropical climate is warm throughout the year and you can enjoy more than three hundred and twenty perfect days of sunshine.
  • The winter never gets below the 60s. Just imagine how comfortable that will be for your golden years.
  • American style shops and restaurants are nearby. You can go to Walmart or Sam’s Club. You can dine at Applebee’s. Then, on other days, you can take in the local culture and of course, the stunning beaches.  🙂


Caribbean Living condos Playa del Carmen
Retire in Playa del Carmen

In addition to being able to enjoy all of the amenities you will need for your retirement years, when you choose our homes for sale in Playa del Carmen, you will be able to enjoy even more. Our community, Caribbean Living, will give you access to American and Canadian television and recreational activities. You will find everything you need in Playa del Carmen homes for sale, whether you are looking for a house or a condo.


Retiring in Playa del Carmen is the best of both worlds

If you think that you would like to retire in Playa del Carmen, then contact us today. Here at American Realty, we specialize in helping Americans and Canadians buy the perfect real estate in Playa at an affordable price.

We are experts in making sure that your investment is protected and we pride ourselves in helping Americans and Canadians have a smooth transition into buying and living abroad.

You can retire in a tropical paradise for much less than you ever imagined…   Welcome to the Caribbean!





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