“Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya Prepared for the Arrival of 570,000 Tourists during Easter Holidays”

As over 570,000 national and international tourists are expected to visit Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya during the upcoming Easter holiday, the municipal government led by President Lili Campos announced that they are ready to provide better services and security.

“Hoteliers predict that occupancy rates will reach between 90 and 92 percent in Playa del Carmen and around 95 percent in the entire Riviera Maya, surpassing the historical percentages during the same dates in 2019 – before the pandemic – which were 84 percent, and in 2022 which was 85 percent,” said Samaria Angulo, head of the Ministry of Tourism in Solidarity.

She emphasized that the municipal government is aware of the importance of national tourism in this holiday destination, which ranked second in terms of visitor influx in 2022, behind the United States and ahead of Canada. Therefore, the government has prepared various actions for greater safety, quality service, and beach enjoyment through the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Protection, Environment, Public Safety, Public Services, and Zofemat.

The operations with various emergency response teams, elements of the three levels of government, workers in charge of cleaning the tourist zone and beaches, aim to support visitors, offer quality services, safeguard their integrity, keep the tourist zone clean without neglecting neighborhoods and subdivisions in the city, so that local, national, and international visitors have a pleasant stay and enjoy the public beaches.

Regarding the state of the beaches, Samaria Angulo pointed out that the arrival of sargassum is present, however, the Ministry of Sustainable Environment and Climate Change removes the algae punctually. “Last March, Zofemat removed 4,278.3 tons, in February 2,541.5 tons, and in January 715.6 tons,” she reported.

According to the State Ministry of Tourism (Sedetur), in January of this year, Riviera Maya had an influx of more than 786,000 tourists, compared to 534,000 during the same dates in 2022. Playa del Carmen alone had 165,990 visitors, surpassing the 140,314 in January 2022.



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