Sacred Mayan Journey 2013: May 23 to 25th

This wonderful event recreates one of the most ancient traditions of the Mayan culture; the yearly pilgrimage of the Mayan oarsmen, who braved the ocean on their canoes and crossed to the island of Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel by taking offerings and in search of her divine message for the Mayan people.

Now, according to Mayan tradition, the time has come to visit, honor and ask favors from the goddess Ixchel at her Sanctuary in Cozumel Island. This is the 7th Sacred Mayan Journey and the first one of the new era.

It is the beginning of a new cycle of abundance represented by corn, sustenance of all humanity, and symbol of the dawning of civilized life and human wisdom.

From May 23 to 25th the Sacred Mayan Journey 2013 will take place for its seventh consecutive year with the participation of 334 oarsmen that will cross the Caribbean Sea

On the 7th Sacred Mayan Journey the oarsmen will embark at Xel-Há and arrive at Chankannaab, in Cozumel; the next day they’ll depart once again to end their journey in Xcaret, taking with them the message of the goddess Ixchel.

Locals and visitors can enjoy this incredible event every year at Xel-Há and Xcaret, majestic parks located in the shores of the Mexican Caribbean in Tulum and the Riviera Maya respectively and both very close to Playa del Carmen. These are places where the beauty of nature, cultural richness and the most representative traditions of Mexico blend perfectly.

Once there visitors can enjoy a snorkel paradise with fun activities and more than 30 attractions in Xel-Há; and at Xcaret experience an incredible display of folklore and music, with more than 300 artists in the “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular“ presentation; and more than 40 attractions, besides music, ceremonies declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as well as exquisite buffet-style Mexican cuisine.

In this Sacred Mayan Journey, there will be 153 women and 181 men participating. Although most of the oarsmen are locals, there will also be oarsmen from several nationalities including Germany, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Holland, England, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Thailand and Belize.

The Riviera Maya is once again the meeting place that preserves the vast Mexican culture and is in the eyes of the world.




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