Summer Has Officially Ended, and Canada2Playa Goes to Work

When you wreal estate playa del carmen riviera mayaork in a place where it is perfect nearly every day of the year, you sometimes forget how depressing the end of warm weather can be. The team at Canada2Playa never forgets.

“I feel bad for my family back home,” says Leah Campbell, lead Agent at Canada2Playa, “they get 2 or 3 good months of warm weather and then it’s back to jackets and sweaters. I just have to stay quiet, what can I say? It was 80 degrees yesterday and going to be 80 degrees and sunny tomorrow?”

What this means is as the weather changes, high season begins for Leah and her team. Canadians who wish that they could own a luxury dream home in paradise no longer have to wish. Canada2Playa has made a business out of making that wish a reality. Specializing in helping their Canadian clients purchase property in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding Riviera Maya and relocate there, they understand just what Canadians need in their transition.

The real advantage of working with Leah and her team is knowledge. They know both the Canadian and Mexican market inside and out, and have efficiency advantages in both of them. What this translates to is 100% security at the best price possible. “Keeping stress levels and costs low are our specialty,” explains Leah.

Some people are hesitant to relocate to a new country because they worry that they will have to leave behind too many familiar everyday things, such as their favorite TV programming. Playa del Carmen offers many amenities that American and Canadian real estate purchasers are looking for, and even television programming can be acquired through special deals available through Canada2Playa.

In Playa del Carmen, you can afford to buy luxury homes in a place that will transcend your wildest dreams. The clear turquoise blue water is the star o the Riviera Maya, the spotless white powder sand that will never burn your feet. Playa is a diverse, seductive town that mixes the Mexican flair with a Caribbean mood inspired from cultures from every part of around the globe. The cost of living is 40% lower than anywhere in Canada, plus incredible year-round weather, great food, plentiful golf courses, a budding art community, world-class medical facilities, and an International Airport offering daily flights to the U.S. and Canada (more than any other airport in Mexico). Riviera Maya is one of the most livable areas anywhere for Canadians and Americans, which is why so many people are buying real estate in Riviera Maya.

If you are interested in purchasing a home or condo in this lovely part of Cancun, visit to get started.



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