The beauty of Riviera Maya never ends…

Located in the lush, tropical haven of the Riviera Maya, Tulum is an ideal luxury oasis for well-to-do bohemians and sun-bathers alike. The eclectic crowd is a far cry from the neighboring town Playa del Carmen, which are more popular destinations in the zone 

If a “grown-up” spring break is on your to-do list, then Tulum is the place to experience it all – by land and by sea. Only a ten minute drive from the seaside, the town of Tulum, population 30,000, is in the same vein as many Latin American towns. Shops, hotels, and restaurants housed in pueblos surround the town square. Despite such close proximity to the beach, hotel rooms and restaurants are less expensive than those nearer to the sandy shores, but of just as high quality.

In terms of culture, Tulum has few, but distinct offerings. Only a stone’s throw from the town, vacationers can snorkel around “cenotes”, underwater caves located within the network of rivers under the peninsula. A “dryer” option for visitors includes exploring the scenic Mayan ruins. Located atop seaside cliffs, visitors can get a feel for a culture that existed uninterrupted for centuries before Spanish colonization.

Like many other beautiful places in the zone Tulum’s beach is dotted with cabanas, boutique hotels, restaurants, etc. But, what makes Tulum quainter is the lack of high-rise hotels and heavy development found in such places as Playa del Carmen.

Cancun may be the nearest airport, but at 145 km away, Tulum is truly a hidden gem.

Come to Riviera Maya to know these amazing places. If you decide to stay here for a great vacation or to live in , we can help you.



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