The jungle setting of your dreams… Pueblo Sacbe, Playa del Carmen

Pueblo sacbe cenote I had a chance to sit down and chat with one of our clients, Joe – a long term resident of Pueblo Sacbe here in Playa del Carmen.  He had some great insights for people who might be thinking of moving to Playa del Carmen or thinking of a more eco friendly community.   He also reflected on his life here and shared some of the reasons that he has decided to make Pueblo Sacbe his home for retirement.

“I just had my first taste of doing my research on finding the ideal retirement spot and I had traveled to Different countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize trying to find what I was looking for, in the two last ones I felt very unsafe, they were underdeveloped, they actually felt like third world countries, then I came to Playa del Carmen. A magical place where you can try exotic foods, discover the Maya culture, where I got to experience the feel of getting in touch with nature in a completely different way. A friendly place where you can learn a Spanish but almost don’t have to because just about anywhere you can run into someone that speaks English, I’ve had the opportunity to teach others some English and find new and lasting friendships with warm amazing people.

It started when I started looking at your traditional luxurious beachfront condos and beautiful houses in the heart of Playa, don’t get me wrong those places are beautifu and comfortable, but, my time of enjoying the cosmopolitan lifestyle has gone by, as a 63 year old man I just wanted to sit back and have a beer in a very quiet environment

That began my investigation into, for me, a relatively unknown country. Plus, after four debilitating snowstorms back in Reno, there were multitudes of grumpy people probably thinking the same thing I was, “There’s gotta be a better place to live.”

I found exactly what I was looking for with my grandson’s help, I found Pueblo Sacbe, remembering just looking at those beautiful pictures of the jungle and the exclusive cenotes found there, brings back the joy and excitement I felt when we ran into that information that seemed to have chosen to find me because it was exactly what I was looking for. I was newly retired and trying to decide where to spend the rest of my years with my wife.  Could I do this? Can’t hurt to try, so I packed my bags and jumped on a plane to Playa de Carmen. Discoveries and surprises were in store as I traveled to Pueblo Sacbe, A jungle within the city.

First, the language. You don’t have to know a lot of Spanish. Un poquito (a little) is enough to get by—hand signals and a nice translator app installed on your phone are more than enough. The locals are very patient in helping you learn their language and seemed to appreciate the effort. They are the friendliest, most helpful, and gracious people.

Pueblo sacbe in Playa del Carmen

 I was so happy to drive to see the lots available at Pueblo SacBe, I knew it was the lifestyle I was looking for and just seeing the possibility to “kick back, put my feet up, have a beer and see the beautiful birds” way of living just sunk into my bones within a few hours. My trip gave me unexpected riches that changed my life, spirituality, swimming in those cristal water cenotes made my heart pound in excitement. Panoramic views of the caribbean, thick jungle vegetation, and peaceful quiet found in my backyard.

Now most mornings I am the ONLY person standing in the middle of the jungle contemplating it all reading my favorite book. Warm seawater a few minutes away, Turquoise blue water, a clear sky, white sand….  mmm—if this should be the place where I shall die let it be.

Playa del Carmen beach

“Bienvenido” is on everyone’s lips as they pass you strolling 5th avenue on a nice afternoon when you step out of the jungle and go for a nice dinner.I just started my Pueblo SacBe life 7 years ago. I could have chosen anywhere to live in the world and I chose this magical place, I am not going back ever, I now live among the nicest people I ever met and enjoy, I would tell people to get away from it all and come down for a couple of months, a few weeks even and you will be in love with the place and probably stay for good.”



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