Top 5 Reasons to love Playa del Carmen

Ok, here we go…..

Those of you who already live in Playa del Carmen probably have a few variations on this list but aside from personal preferences, these 5 things are what will keep you coming back – or even have you move here for good.  Like I did.  So, in no particular order….


#1  –  The Caribbean

Playa del Carmen beachSeriously, the Caribbean is amazing.  The unbelievable hues of blue and turquoise that contrast with the powder fine white sand makes for an idyllic panorama for the senses.  Not to mention that the water stays right about 79 degrees F year round so it’s almost like bath water…   there is nothing like just sitting on the beach with friends or family and simply relaxing.  There is something about this area that soothes your spirit and eases the stresses of everyday life.

There are many places to relax along the beach from quiet bistros to beach clubs with live bands and/or DJ’s playing late into the night…   or you can simply find a secluded, quiet stretch of sand and get in touch with yourself and nature.


#2  –  The Food

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a foodie of sorts.  I love foods from every region and ethnicity of the world.  I’m the guy who will invariably  pull out his iPhone and start snapping pictures of my dinner the minute the server brings it to the table.  I can’t help it…

Food in Playa del CarmenTo give you a bit of perspective on how big a foodie paradise Playa actually is, all you have to do is visit and check out Mexico City.  Why Mexico City you ask?  For starters, Mexico City has around 23 million people.  There are right around 1500 rated restaurants in TripAdvisor for Mexico City…  Playa del Carmen has less than 200,000 people and over 750 rated restaurants.  Half as many restaurants with 1% of the populations!!  Plus, cuisines from around the world will keep your interest for a long, long time….


#3  –  The Weather

The weather.  What’s not to love?  320 days of sunshine each year and during the “winter” it averages about 80 degrees F every day, cooling at night to the low 70’s.  It’s absolutely flawless, outside of a few months that are considered the rainy season – and when it rains, it’s usually in the late afternoon for an hour or two.  Welcome to paradise!


#4  –  The People

Winston with some cool Mexican guyThe people in Mexico are generally just happier than people in the United States.  There have been several studies that examined this but the culture itself is one that is heavily family oriented and people from big cities in the States can find it unusual to find people smiling at them for no reason.  Everybody you run into is happy and friendly – and more than willing to help the gringo struggle through their limited Spanish vocabulary.  That and everyone wants to pet my dog.  Lol….


#5  –  The Lifestyle

What do I mean by lifestyle, exactly?  This just covers all the intangibles that make life in Playa del Carmen so amazing.  From the endless things to do such as exploring Mayan ruins and cenotes to excursions and entertainment, there is no shortage of things to keep you occupied.  And if you are simply looking to relax, relaxation can be found in abundance as well.

The pace of life is just slower in this Caribbean beach town.  You can lose yourself and find yourself at the same time…   Stress evaporates as you wiggle your toes in the sand and stare out into the endless blue of the Caribbean Sea.   Life is good….




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