American passport and tourist visaLand of white sand beaches, sun, palm trees, mariachis and tequila….  especially in the Riviera Maya.  It’s a virtual paradise here – 320 days of sunshine a year and some of the most beautiful ocean scenery you will find anywhere on Earth.

It’s no wonder why so many Americans and Canadians are choosing to relocate here and with so much interest in Mexico as a whole, many people are wondering about the technicalities of making the transition.

So let’s talk about the first step – the tourist visa.  For Americans and Canadians, it’s super easy.  Hit the airport and fill out the tourist visa on the plane, land and have the time of your life.  It’s good for up to 6 months so take your time getting to know your new digs.


Mexico Tourist Visa for Americans and Canadians

Check out this video for some additional details on how the Tourist Visa works…


And that is about it.  Super simple.

Many people never even take it further and apply for temporary residence.  Many who live here pretty much full time like to travel so they leave the country more than twice a year anyway. And you don’t have to go back to the US or Canada when you leave – you can go anywhere your heart desires – as long as you get out of the country of Mexico, you’ll be good to go.

There are many, many places close that provide excellent escapes – Belize, Guatamala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and many other places are within a couple hour flight from Cancun so your options are wide open!


Residency – the easy way

Mexican town for touristsJust a side note…   if you do choose to apply for temporary or permanent residency, the process gets infinitely easier if you purchase property.  That streamlines things quite a bit so it almost becomes just a matter of filling out some paperwork.  Almost.  😉

So let us know if you have any questions.  We have attorneys that are more than happy to assist you get your residency or even citizenship when you purchase property through us.  Not to mention that we walk you through every step of the process and make sure you explain every detail as we go along.

We’ve been helping people like you for over 12 years and we know how to make your purchase a smooth, pleasant and most of all, a safe and profitable transaction so that you can enjoy your home here for many years without encountering problems down the road.



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