Wine and Food Festival Cancun/Riviera Maya 2016


Wine and Food Festival Cancun/Riviera Maya 2016

This year the wine and food festival will take place from 27 of April till the 1st of May

The honorable guests will be Albert Adria (pastry Chef), Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo (Oaxaca Embassador), Paul Draper(CEO of Ridge Vineyards) and Daniel Milmo (Oenologist).

Invited personalities:

  • Sonia Arias
  • Fidel Baeza
  • Jose Manuel Baños
  • Eleazar Bonilla
  • Christian Bravo
  • Rodolfo Castellanos
  • Patrick Cross
  • Arturo Fernandez
  • Jonatan Gomez Luna
  • John Olney
  • Xavi Perez Stone
  • Jorge Vallejo
  • Rafael Villalobos
  • Erik Villar
  • Rafael Zafra


  • Live Aqua Cancun
  • Hyatt Ziva
  • Granda Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun
  • Hard Rock Hotel Cancun
  • Sandos Cancun
  • Secrets the Vine Cancun
  • Universidad Anahuac

Events and Prices

Wine tastings

There are a variety of tastings throughout the event, for example Casa Madero wine, beer, coffee and mezcal.  There is an option for every craving out there. Each one will be held at a specific time, date and location. Since different hotels are hosting be aware of where it will be located.  The dress code is smart casual and the price is set originally at 450 MXN, however tickets are available now for 375 MXN until the 29 of February 2016.

Here is the link to see more information for each tasting


Tribute dinners

In tribute to two chefs whom have been invited as special guests the Wine & Food Festival has organized a five course menu accompanied with champagne and dessert to honor Albert Adria and Alejandro Ruiz both tribute dinners will be and hosted by Hotel Secrets The Vine Resort & Spa.  These renowned chefs will be supported by 6 other amazing chefs to bring to you a once and a lifetime culinary experience. The dinner begins at 8pm and the dress code is dressy elegant. There will be two dinners, the first tribute to Chef Adrian Aria has a value of $4950 MXN and is available for $4125 MXN till February 29th

The second tribute is focused on the cuisine form the state of Oaxaca, this dinner is also a 5 course meal accompanied by different mezcals and a cocktail hour with champagne.  It begins at 8pm and has a dressy elegant dress code. The event is valued at $2700 MXN but is at a discount price of $2250 MXN till the 29th of February.

Star Chef Dinners

On the 30th of April 2016 there will be a dinner tasting of 20 star chefs from all over Mexico at the Hard Rock Cancun. The event will be from 8pm till 11pm; you may attend with a cocktail type dress code and enjoy the specialty dishes from each chefs gastronomic fort. The cost for the dinner is $2700 MXN but is available now for $2250 MXN as a presale price.


The main conference will be held the 28th of April from 9am to 1pm and will consistent of guest speakers from all over the world at the University Anahuac Cancun. It is a great opportunity to expand your culinary horizons and learn something new about different dishes, their preparation and history. FYI the conference guest speakers are from Mexico and Spain. Only the speaker from Ridge Wines is visiting us from Napa valley therefore the conference will most likely be held in Spanish.  The price to assist the conference is for 900 MXN but right now it is available on their website for $750 MXN.

Cooking Classes

There will be two opportunities to learn from the great themselves, it’s an awesome opportunity to learn tips and have a personal experience with an internationally recognized chef. Hosted by the University Anahuac the class is from 12:30 to 2pm and afterwards you can enjoy your masterpiece with the company of your Maestros! The original cost is $2700 MXN but can be purchased now for $2250 MXN.


wine 1

Not only has the festival dedicated itself to introduce us to world renowned chefs it is also organizing the union of different premium restaurants and hotel restaurants from the Riviera Maya to participate in the festival so you have the opportunity of trying their specialty dishes, wine, beer, mescal and other gourmet products  all in one place. There are two available dates, on the 30th of April and the 1st of May. The Price is at $1800 MXN



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