3 hacks that will be very helpful during your visit to the Riviera Maya

The Shangrila beach is one of the best local secrets.

Planning a vacation is a lot of fun, but if you don’t plan well, it can be very expensive. Today we will tell you about 3 hacks that will be very helpful on your visit to the Riviera Maya.

It has happened to all of us that we are in a city we don’t know and we choose to pay for a service and blocks away we find the same service but cheaper. When that happens it makes us very angry, but don’t blame yourself, being in a city you don’t know can be complicated.

We want to share with you these 3 “Hacks” that will help you not only to save money but to have a better experience. And that’s what we want the most, for you to fall in love with Playa del Carmen.

NOTE: These hacks are for those people who are looking to save money and live a local’s experience. If you have the economic opportunity to enjoy all the tourist luxuries, we invite you to do it, your beach experience will become even better.

“Public Transportation”

Transportation service is essential if you want to save money. The Riviera Maya has many attractions to visit. You can visit them by hiring a tour in a tour agency, only that when you do this, you do not control your time, there is already an itinerary to respect.

If you like to be in control of your time and activities, we recommend you do it on your own. This means getting around by your own means.

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If you are in Playa del Carmen and want to travel to Tulum, there are 2 options, a cab or foreign vans.

Cabs will charge you around $50 USD, while a van will charge you $2.5 USD. The benefits of a cab are the privacy you will have and that the trip will be shorter, the disadvantage will obviously be the money.

The disadvantage will obviously be the money. The foreign van will go slower because it makes stops on the road leaving mostly hotel workers. Another aspect to consider is that there are no assigned seats, it is like any other public transportation. You will sit in the seats that are available.

The foreign vans to Tulum leave from the federal highway with Juarez, there you can find the transportation that goes to Tulum and Cancun.

Foreign transportation to Tulum

“Places where the locals eat”

Food is something extremely important in a trip, I would dare to say it is so crucial that it can even ruin a trip.

We can’t lie, 5th Avenue (5th Avenue is the main tourist street in Playa del Carmen) is full of great restaurants. There you can find Italian, Greek, Japanese, Indian, and obviously Mexican food. The costs of these restaurants range from $15 USD to $65 USD per dish.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we want you to save money or have a real beach experience.

If you don’t want to go too far from 5th avenue, there is a market on 4th and 10th street with food stalls that have dishes starting at $4 USD. My main recommendation would be to visit one of the taquerías called El Fogón, where you can find authentic tacos al pastor for $1.5 USD each.

Another unmissable place to eat tacos is the famous and acclaimed taqueria “El Ñero”. Here you will find tacos de lengua, tripa, maciza, assortment, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, all the more reason to go.

If you want to explore more options of inexpensive restaurants, we recommend you to visit Av 30 in Playa del Carmen, I am sure you will find an option that will please you.

For Many Playenses “El Ñero” is the best taquería in town.


Although there are plenty of beaches in Playa del Carmen, there are certain beaches that have better characteristics than others. By this, we mean that there are beaches that have rocks on the shore, which makes it difficult to go swimming.

Among the best beaches to go to is Playacar beach, one of the best beaches to lie on the sand and have a tan to envy. This beach has ample space to put your umbrella, towel on and enjoy the Caribbean Sea.

A beach that undoubtedly has something mystical is the Shangrila beach, it is located in the center of Playa del Carmen, but at the same time, it feels far away from everything. This beach is located on 38th street.

Shangrila Beach

We hope these “Hacks” have helped you and that you have been able to save some USD during your stay in Mexico. If you would like to know about any specific activity, do not hesitate to send us a message, and we will be happy to help you!



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