4 Reasons to Live in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a paradise in every sense of the word. Today, we will tell you about 4 reasons why living in Playa del Carmen is an excellent idea.

The wonderful beaches, people, food, and job opportunities have become one of the main reasons people move to Playa del Carmen. Many people come from huge cities like New York, CDMX to escape the hectic lifestyle of the big cities.

We talked to people who have recently moved to Playa del Carmen, we asked them about the main reasons why they decided to move and these were the 4 main reasons.

Beautiful Beaches

It is no secret that Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Quintana Roo has almost all of them, more specifically Playa del Carmen. The fine white sand looks like something out of a movie.

There are days when the blue of the sea is so clear that it looks like something out of a fiction movie. Those who have visited Playa del Carmen will not let me lie, when you walk along the shore of the beach, letting the sea touch your legs and seeing Cozumel in the background, at that precise moment you think “This makes it all worth it”.

Best of all, it’s free!

Sure, there are parts of the beach that are rockier than others, but most of the beach in Playa del Carmen is perfect.

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Playa del Carmen is a multicultural city. Explaining the multiculturalism of Playa del Carmen is somewhat complicated. First, there is national multiculturalism, that is to say, there are people from all over Mexico.

Then there is international multiculturalism, with people from all over the world. The most common nationalities in Playa del Carmen are Americans and Italians.

All these cultures are sheltered by the mother culture of the area, the Mayan culture. This mix of cultures creates an atmosphere of respect among everyone. It seems that everyone knows that they are here to lead a more peaceful lifestyle, and that makes the community very united.

5th Av. is the heart of Playa del Carmen


The city has had a 32% growth in the last 10 years. The exponential growth that Playa del Carmen has had is due to its main source of income, tourism.

The constant construction of hotels has generated the need for a greater number of people to operate them. Something important to consider is that the tourism sector has grown in the luxury tourism sector.

Growth is at an all-time high. The federal and state governments are building mega projects to improve infrastructure. One of the most relevant mega projects under construction is the Tren Maya (Mayan Train).

This ambitious project will attempt to connect all of southeastern Mexico, seeking to attract more tourism and reactivate the economy of rural areas.

Tren Maya Project


The location is privileged, for a reason it is considered the heart of the Riviera Maya.

The city is located 40 minutes from Cancun and 50 minutes from Tulum. This makes it the ideal place for tourists looking for lodging.

Besides Tulum and Cancun, you also have the main eco-tourist parks nearby. X-caret, considered one of the best natural parks in the world, is only 15 minutes away from downtown Playa del Carmen. Within a radius of 40 kilometers, you can find parks such as Chikin-ha, X-plore, Dolphinus, Xoximilco, etc.

The island of Cozumel where the best diving locations are located is only 35 minutes away by ferry. The city is also surrounded by numerous aquatic caverns, better known as cenotes.

The best reason is your reason

These are only 4 reasons why moving to Playa del Carmen is a good idea. Maybe you have a reason that we didn’t mention and that’s ok! There are hundreds of other reasons we didn’t mention.

One thing is for sure, living in Playa del Carmen is always a good idea.



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