American Realty to open 2nd office on 5th Av in Playa del Carmen

5th Av Playa del Carmen

American Realty is expanding to a new showroom office on the famous 5th Av in

Playa del Carmen, Mexico!!


With the incredible success of the Caribbean Living development in the suburbs of Playa del Carmen, we at American Realty are excited to open a second office here in Playa del Carmen.  The new office, located on 5th Av near 6th street in the heart of Playa’s tourist zone, will be the primary showroom for the Caribbean Living development.

The location alone will give us  incredible exposure to the over 3 million tourists that walk 5th Av each year.  It will also give additional opportunity to American and Canadian tourists to discover the hidden treasure that is Caribbean Living.  Since the development is more in the suburbs, many tourists are simply unaware that they are able to actually buy condos in Playa del Carmen, starting at $59,000 for a 2 bedroom.

playa del carmen living real estateThat kind of pricing is unheard of in the touristy areas, where a 2 bedroom condo will start about $200,000 and go up from there.

As Chief marketing Officer for American Realty, this is an incredibly exciting move for me!  Not only does it give us as a company a huge opportunity to expose our one of a kind product to mass amounts of people, it will also give me an opportunity to actually get personally back to the business of helping Americans and Canadians to safely and easily fulfill their dream of owning a home in the Caribbean.

Our clientele is as diverse and unique as the people that walk down 5th on a daily basis.  We offer solutions for everybody from all walks of life.   Our clients include: baby boomers looking for an exciting and enriching retirement abroad, elderly people who want to make their fixed income retirement go further and afford them a better lifestyle than the United States, investors who are looking to take advantage of Playa del Carmen’s incredible growth rate and property appreciation, and even people who are looking to just escape the prying eyes of the United States government and the over reaching policies of the NSA.

5th AvNo matter your motivation, we can help find a solution that fits your unique and individual needs and this office is going to be a perfect way to help get exposure for our services on a much larger scale.

I will personally be on site n the evenings so if you are in town, stop by and ask for Steve.  I’ll be hanging out there and I’m more than willing to answer any questions you might have regarding owning a property in Mexico.

So stop down, grab a coffee – or a cold cerveza, whichever fits your mood and let’s chat…  Looking forward to meeting new friends and welcoming new people to the American Development family!!




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