Where can you find the best tacos in Playa del Carmen?

As of today, there are over 650 restaurants in Playa del Carmen that are rated in TripAdvisor.com.  Playa is growing like crazy and there is no shortage of great places to eat.

But we’re in Mexico, right?  So, let’s talk tacos……

Tourist spots vs. local joints

I love eating.  I really do.  And there is a time and place for both types of places but that being said, I do not believe you can really experience a place and get a feel for the culture when you travel if you stick to the touristy spots.  You simply can’t.  The Hard Rock Cafe is The Hard Rock Cafe, whether it’s in Las Vegas, Denver or Cancun.  Same basic menu.

Only by getting off the beaten path and finding those little hidden gems will you ever find true greatness.

So that brings us to today’s subject…  where are the best tacos in Playa del Carmen??


Best tacos in Playa del Carmen



El rey 5

El Rey Tacos

American Realty crew enjoying El Rey TacosI’ve got a few more places to eat before I do a top 10 list but believe me, it’s coming.  Right now, I just want to bring to your attention one particular favorite of mine that you won’t find on TripAdvisor or anyplace else.  It’s a street vendor who calls his business El Rey Tacos and you can find them in the same place Monday through Saturday from 4 pm to around midnight.

I had the good fortune of eating there the second day they were open and the quality of the ingredients were the first thing that blew me away.  The arracherra is amazing and everything is grilled fresh to order right there in front of you.  The flavors are amazing and the service is excellent – these guys seriously bust their hump day in and day out since it has become one of the most popular places among locals and is busy non stop.

So where is this gem of a taco stand?

El Rey Tacos Playa del CarmenEasy to find actually…   if you can find La Mega (big mega store like the Mexican version of Walmart) on the corner of Constituyentes and 30th Av and stand in the parking lot facing the front door – look to your right and the street that borders the parking lot on the right side is Calle 14 Bis.  Right on 14 Bis where is intersects 30th Av, you will see this cart…


Surrounded by people.


Owner operated

Stop by and grub on some cheap tacos!  Alfredo is the owner – tell him we said hi…  I personally recommend the Campechano tacos…   a mix of arracherra and chorizo that is seriously addicting.

Just a quick note – there are two sauces available, one is red and one is green.  Both are hot but unless you are a native or a masochist, stay away from the red sauce.  Not gringo friendly.  🙂




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