Galia Moss, proudly mexican, makes history again

Last November 6, 2012, Galia Moss, Mexico´s proud, embarked on an expedition that would make history.

She started her journey near Playa del Carmen, in Xcaret (Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo State) – the most popular beach destinations for American and Canadian tourists – and is making her way around the tip of Argentina. After approximately 180 days, Galia will finish her trip on the sunny shores of Acapulco.

Moss is the first female in Latin America and Mexico to travel solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Her sailboat, named “El Mas Mejor II” was built in France and designed by architect Marc Lombard fit to Galia’s needs. It was” and is a 35-foot vessel with its own kitchen and living area to help Galia feel at home during her six-month journey.

During her first trip Galia covered nine thousand miles in 41days across the Atlantic Ocean. She has gained considerable mention in the news. She was even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for her first solo trip.

Also, as a representative of Mexico and women in Latin America, Galia has worked promoting education in Mexico. She supports “Just Raise Your Hand” alliance, which improves school infrastructure and provides resources to children in need. For every 1.813 nautical miles, the Alliance improves the infrastructure of 1-8 schools and for every 10 miles, one child receives financial support and school supplies.

To know more of Galia’s sailing journey, visit her website, which features a blog, maps and images from her trip.

To know more of this paradise where Galia decided to start her journey and all opportunities you can find in it, contact us today.




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