The Growing Trend for Baby Boomers? Mexican Caribbean!

While many people immigrate to the U.S. in search of better opportunities, Americans are installed in mexican land to live their retirement stage and maintain its quality of life.

A study by International Community Foundation says that 85% of adult foreigners would be willing to increase their spending in Mexico. “Americans retired perspective has changed, they no longer want to just play golf but want to do something for the community where they want to establish or keep working,” the report said.

It is estimated that about two million baby boomers currently live in here or spend most of their time in the country.

The ever growing trend to take charge of life and live well on a small budget is the trend of  moving south of the border and living in Riviera Maya.

Living in Playa del Carmen means the ability of baby boomers to maintain independence with a very comfortable lifestyle.  This is not bunk!  We know it because baby boomers are now living in this amazing zone and loving it.

Mexican caribbean gives a baby boomer almost all the benefits of living in the United States while stretching the dollar by a much lower cost of living.

Riviera Maya also offers baby boomers many choices of climate, living standards, medical care and amenities that would not otherwise be available on a social security income. Couple those benefits with the benefits of low cost housing either for purchase or for rent.

If you are one of those people who are now facing early retirement and living solely on social security, we really believe you will find new hope discovering the amazing lifestyle you can have in this awesome land.

Get ready and come! We can help you to find great place to live, or a lovely condo or house for vacation, contact us.



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