Mayakoba: A new way to live

Can you imagine that within your neighborhood you can find schools, hospitals, shopping centers? This is a reality in the Riviera Maya. The Mayakoba brand is in charge of making it happen.

On the outskirts of Playa del Carmen is one of the most innovative developments in all of Mexico. It is a residential complex better known as Mayakoba City.

This complex consists of 409 hectares. Within this complex, there are different residential developments for different budgets.

Mayakoba Master Plan

Ciudad Mayakoba’s philosophy is based on human development and quality of life. The city seeks for its inhabitants to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle that allows them to fully develop.

There are few projects that have as much added value as Mayakoba.

Some offered services will be:


There will be 2 hospitals within Mayakoba City. 1 will be the health center. It consists of two main blocks: the first consists of the specialized commercial area called Health Market where there will be specialized pharmacies, opticians, spa, physical rehabilitation center, and other specialized health-related businesses.

On the three upper levels will be the medical offices, laboratories, imaging, and interpretation units, where specialists will attend their consultation with the convenience of the proximity of the commercial, hospital, and diagnostic services of the highest quality.

Health Center


The Winpenny School Ciudad Mayakoba campus will extend over 4.7 hectares of land and will offer education from kindergarten through high school. It is a state-of-the-art educational institution with international certifications and will be available to the entire Riviera Maya community in a multicultural and inclusive environment.

They are planning to build a university inside the complex. They are still in talks with 2 of the most prestigious universities in Mexico.

Winpenny School


The main objective of mayakoba’s design is to connect its inhabitants with nature. The bicycle lane that runs throughout the city seeks to create harmony between automobiles, pedestrians, and bicycles.

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Long story short, this is one of the most valuable developments in the Riviera Maya. Most of Playa del Carmen’s growth will be developed around Mayakoba City.



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