Mexican Caribbean ideal destination for retired foreigners

The tourism sector represents a great growth opportunity, especially when it comes to retired foreigners who are mostly looking for beaches to purchase a retirement home.

Mexico ranks first out of 30 in the favorite destinations of Americans and Canadians for second home searches. The most searched locations on Google were beaches like Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, and Cancun, as well as destinations like San Miguel de Allende.

According to an investigation, countries were classified according to the volume of monthly searches from the United States; Mexico gathered 63,890, followed by Puerto Rico with 46,600; Costa Rica with 39,620; and Belize, with 30,910 searches.

Likewise, among Canadian residents, Mexico obtained 18,780 searches; the United States 11,300; Costa Rica with 9,770; Belize with 6,290; and in fifth place the Dominican Republic, with 4,790.

What makes it attractive for people who seek to retire on the Mexican beaches, is the calm, the tranquility but above all the landscapes that everyday surprise tourists and residents of places like Playa del Carmen. Wake up in your own home and enjoy the turquoise blue of the beaches in conjunction with the blue of the sky.

Another of the most sought after is the diversity found between the streets of 5th Avenue. Where you can find other retired people who enjoy afternoons full of colors, flavors, and relaxation. Another factor that those looking for the Caribbean take into account to acquire a property is the climate, which is characterized by being pleasant most of the year.


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