The cities with the most capital added value to invest in real estate

Property is based on capital added value, which is related to the profit that is acquired as a positive difference between the price of the purchase of a good and that of its sale based on the increase in its value over time. For this reason, we present the list of cities that have a greater capital gain in Mexico and also the areas where it is convenient to invest.


According to research, the areas with the highest added value are those of the North West Zone: Zona Real, Andares, Royal Country, Puerta Plata, and Las Lomas.

The areas that are expected to increase their capital gains in the coming years are those already mentioned, in addition to the Providencia neighborhood.


The areas with the highest value in recent months in the Sultana del Norte were the municipality of San Pedro, Valle Poniente, and Cumbres.

Areas that are expected to increase in value thanks to the added value will be San Pedro, considered one of the most secure municipalities in Mexico and the Valle Poniente area. It also has a very good urban planning and connection with San Pedro.


The areas that acquired the greatest value in Puebla were: Angelópolis, Lomas de Angelópolis, Momoxpan, La Paz and Zavaleta. The aim is to increase the value of the Atlixco, Atlixcayotl, and Angelópolis areas thanks to the growth of the market and the development of new subdivisions.


Querétaro has increased its quality of life due to its proximity to the CDMX, taking into account that its areas that obtained the highest capital gains were Cañadas del Lago, Altos Juriquilla, Jurica, and the residential areas of the municipality of Corregidora.

Jurica is forecast to continue to increase its equity due to its recent renovations.


The Mexican Caribbean is considered the place with the highest added value, for example in Cancun, the part of the southern zone such as Av. Huayacán where most of the new developments in the city are concentrated. Similarly, Playa del Carmen, its areas that increased its value were the surroundings of the Maya Center, Colosio, La Veleta, and Av. Colosio.

In Tulum, the best areas to invest are in Region 15 and Aldea Zamma.

However, the areas that are expected to continue increasing their capital gains will be Playa del Carmen and Tulum, due to the amount of tourism that has arrived, even during the pandemic.



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