What is it like actually living in Playa del Carmen??

With so many people making the move to Playa del Carmen, either full time or part time, those of us who already live here will inevitably get asked the question “what is it like living in Playa del Carmen?”

That is a question to which the answer will vary greatly from person to person.  Depends on who is answering and more importantly, who is doing the asking.


Life in Playa

Caribbean beachesLife in Playa is many different things to different people.

For the retiree looking to escape the brutally cold winters of the American Northeast or Canada, Playa del Carmen is a quiet, warm paradise in which there is no snow, no shoveling sidewalks, no ice to slip and fall on and no snow chains on the tires for traction.

It’s also a place where one’s social security benefits allow a significantly better lifestyle than anywhere in the US.  A place where family values are still a part of the vibrant culture and where a small town sort of feel permeates the area…  a place that almost seems like a throwback to an older time in the US, with a decidedly Mexican flair.  It’s also a place where food is a never ending experience, with cuisines from around the world – with Mayan and Mexican flavors being the region’s flagship flavors.

reef divingFor the ocean lover, adventurer and thrill seeker, Playa del Carmen is the jumping off point to some of the best diving anywhere in the world.  From the island of Cozumel just offshore that has been a famous diver’s destination since its reef was made famous by Jaques Coustaeu in 1961.  There is also some of the most amazing and extensive cave diving in the entire world here in the Yucatan Peninsula.  A myriad of cenotes, underground rivers and caverns exist throughout the limestone that makes up the entire peninsula.  Unique and different from anywhere in the world, it provides an incredible experience for the novice and expert divers alike.

For the 20’s something exploring the world, Playa del Carmen is a playground for beautiful people, with amazing beaches, nightclubs, restaurants and social scene.  People from the world over visit Playa for it’s natural beauty and legendary beaches.  It’s a wonderful place to both lose yourself as well as find yourself…  all while meeting friendly new people from around the world.


So…  what is it like?

Like I said before, Playa is many different things to many different people.  But no matter who you are, it is the definition of a tropical paradise with all the modern conveniences.  Great medical facilities, super easy and close to a major airport only a couple hours from most places in the United States, with some of the best beaches and natural beauty anywhere on the globe.

A small town vibe where people smile and say ‘hola’ when you pass on the street and a mellow, laid back lifestyle that has 320 days of sunshine every year.

So….   is Playa right for you?


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