“Ximbal”: The biggest Real Estate project in Playa del Carmen

“Ximbal” is the namerealestate playa del carmen of this new project, which will invest 1 billion dollars over the next 20 years and was approved by The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources.

This project is part of the long announced megaproject Mayakoba: golf courses, shopping centers, more than 17,000 multi-family units with residential segments, offices and other urban services. “It is practically a new town in Playa del Carmen” says Wilbert Gutierrez Alvarez president of the Foundation for Investment in the Riviera Maya.

Ximbal will be located on a surface of 409.25 hectares, where 278.97 hectares (68.17%) will be designed to develop and 130.28 hectares (31.83%) will go to conservation areas.

The project aims to meet housing demands in the region of Playa de Carmen, focused on social sectors as employees with access to Foviste or Infinavit  housing funds, the estimated demand is 22,749 homes, and for the middle class and private sector the estimated demand more than 7,000 homes. Its implementation is planned in four phases.

Andrés Pan de Soraluce, president of OHL Development, confirmed that in late 2013 the construction of this project will begin, “It is focused to provide housing for workers  of the Mayakoba hotel sector in general, so they do not have to travel so far to their workplace. The investment is approximately $ 1 billion USD.

No doubt this is the biggest project in the region. Ximbal is designed for different economical level segments to coexist in the same community. The area will be even connected via tunnels to the Mayakoba Resort; it will boost several segments of the economy.

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